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Pesticide Mixing Order Recommendations

Herbicide tank mixes are the standard application method used in today’s production agriculture. Rarely is a product applied by itself with simply water as a carrier. To be effective, all herbicides and additives to a spray solution must be thoroughly mixed and dissolved to form a homogeneous spray mixture. Proper mixing order

Effective Weed Burndown for Soybean with Gramoxone

Gramoxone Herbicide can be an effective burndown herbicide for soybean. Gramoxone (paraquat) non-selective, with zero residual, and zero pre-plant interval. Gramoxone pricing has been reduced significantly, making it an economical choice and effective choice, when handled and applied correctly.

Early-Planted Corn & Cold Weather Risks

The forecast for the week beginning April 24, 2017 certainly looks to a continuation of the below normal temperatures. One question is whether corn planting should continue or whether we are better off holding off now for a few days. Chilling injury to corn should be considered and corn monitored.

A Little Bit of Chemistry - Starter Fertilizers and Chelated Micronutrients

I have had a few discussions recently about starter fertilizers and micronutrients in starter fertilizer blends. Starter fertilizers are a key aspect in getting crops off to a rapid, uniform, aggressive start to the season. I hope that on-farm deliveries of solid starter fertilizer programs- and additional micronutrients like zinc- will fire

Liquid Starter Fertilizers- A Key To Get Corn (and Soy) Off And Running!

For corn and soybean growers, one key decision each season is about the use of a starter fertilizer. Why Starters? It’s simple, just like the name: Get your plants off to a good start by providing an immediate source of fertilizer. The goal is straight forward - providing immediate nutrition to the young seedling to bridge the gap