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How will the market treat Green Beans?

Combines are starting to roll in bean fields around the area.  The frost has brought about the questions about potential discounts due to green, immature beans.

The market treats green beans as regular damage.  At our SDWG locations, green beans will fall under total damage on your scale ticket and our standard

Market Carry

Many of you have probably heard the phrase “carry in the market”. What does this mean and how can I use it in my marketing plan? Carry, in simple terms, means that the market is willing to pay you more for delivery tomorrow than it is for today. Conversely, the term inverse would mean the exact opposite - tomorrow’s

Corn Starter Fertilizer Options

10-34-0 is the most common form of starter fertilizer in our area. The availiability of 10-34-0 has become increasingly difficult and some other options may need to be considered.

Late Season Frost Effects on Corn and Soybeans

Cold temperatures last night across the territory could have affected yields in our corn, soybean and sunflower fields.

Fall Agronomy Planning

The State Fair signals the end of summer and start of fall even though the calendar officially says fall is still a few weeks away. Now, before fall harvest begins, is a great time to start planning for next years crop.