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Effective Weed Burndown for Soybean with Gramoxone

Gramoxone Herbicide can be an effective burndown herbicide for soybean. Gramoxone (paraquat) non-selective, with zero residual, and zero pre-plant interval. Gramoxone pricing has been reduced significantly, making it an economical choice and effective choice, when handled and applied correctly.

Weeds And The Lessons Learned In 2016

Here we are in later January 2017 and realizing that with good conditions, planting could be something like a little over three months away potentially! I look out at the snow-covered fields around eastern South Dakota, and I can't help but notice that there are a few things still poking

Liberty Done Right - Making The System WORK

I have seen around the company, especially in the northern areas, that there is some growing interest in Liberty Link soybeans. Liberty Link soybeans, with tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty Herbicide from Bayer), can be a solid program and a good alternative to Roundup Ready soybeans. Current

Early Spring = Early Weeds

This is a photo I took earlier this week. I had to do a little bit of searching to find this kochia off and growing. This was in an area that would have a much warmer soil temperature than in normal field right now. It is a reminder that weed management will have to have to get started earlier

Fall Residuals - Not Too Late!

Now is not too late for growers to apply herbicide treatments to your fields to control weeds and help ensure a good start for spring planting! Fall residuals target early weeds next spring and can help speed warmup at planting. In addition, burndown targeting perennials, like thistles and