Spray On Profits

Receive a 3 bushel per acre increase in your soybean crop this season, guaranteed! Applying foliar micronutrients paired with a fungicide and insecticide will help you see healthier plants and higher yields - plus, receive discounted application and deferred payment on product until January 2018!

It's easy to get started! Select a package from each list of qualifying products below:

1.  Select a micronutrient and drift control package:

  • Smart Trio + Interlock
  • Triad (4oz) + Vector
  • Coron25
  • OnLine

2.   Select a fungicide and insecticide package:

  • Priaxor + Fastac
  • Stratego Yield + Leverage
  • Preemptor SC + Hero

3.   Enroll your fields to increase your yields!

Contact Your Wheat Growers Agronomist For More Details!

To qualify for the guarantee, the customer must spray 1 package of products from each category listed above. The customer must sign an agreement stating they will leave a 180’ check strip in each field and provide yield data to back up a claim within 10 days of harvest. Claim must be submitted prior to Nov 20, 2017. Program will begin 2/20/17 and end 7/15/17. Wheat Growers reserves the right to end this program without notice.